Annie Mueller is an experienced freelance writer and an inexperienced author.

She used to write mostly about business, finance, and productivity; now she writes fiction and blogs, about, like personal growth and stuff. This is what happens when the voices in your head that tell stories become louder than the voices in your head that tell you to be sensible and pay the bills.

Her past clients include some major websites and online publications, but that’s boring and nobody really cares.

You can read some of her fiction here.

She still does some freelance writing: editing, executive ghostwriting (not as spooky as it sounds), writing blog posts and (occasionally) copy.  (There are some things she does not do. So don’t ask. Okay? Okay.)

She lives in Puerto Rico with her husband and their four young children.

Need to get in touch? You can reach Annie here.

She also makes random doodles and puts them on her website, because she is a consummate professional.