I'm Annie. I do the words.

I like writing and I'm kind of good at it. This makes me a valuable resource for people (like you?) who need writing but

a) don't like it and/or

b) aren't good at it. 

My past clients include marketing firms, media and financial corporations, start-ups, app developers, and online publications, but that’s boring and nobody really cares.

My favorite thing is to work with small teams who've worked hard to make something great, and suddenly find themselves in need of content...

Lots of content. 

...and nobody to write it.  That's where I come in. 

I also like editing, executive ghostwriting (not as spooky as it sounds), writing blog posts and (occasionally) copy. 

(There are some things I will not do. So don’t ask. Okay? Okay.)

Questions? Email is good.

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What I'm working on:

Simple guides for better writing

What I'm writing:

Thoughts about growth. With weird little doodles, usually.
Stories about writing and productivity and Puerto Rico
Oh the humanity!
Lists of things. I like lists.
When the Trees Speak book cover
Short stories and novels in progress.
Stuff about writing and freelancing and being an INTJ
Updates and posts for Teamup. (The most amazing calendar.)
Quotes from Rumi and what I'm reading and random updates on Micro.blog