Chasing the Horizon chapter 1

Chapter 1 | Chasing the Horizon

The city unfolds in every direction. It’s busy. It looks different to every person in it, and no on agrees on where the center is. Nobody really cares, either, or talks about it. You don’t discuss the geography of the city, as a whole; only a certain type of person does that, and if you have any social ambitions you don’t want to be that type of person. So you… Continue reading


The Donut Man

 She was particularly pleased with this incarnation, and she told them so. Credit where credit’s due, after all. She paused, wondering when she’d picked up that phrase; it was definitely an earth-saying. The nose was lovely, narrow and straight and flared at the nostrils. Suggestive of something, she wasn’t sure what. But she liked it. And the skin

When the Trees Speak | Prologue

Her first memory was the trees. Their wide green arms hovering over her, protecting her, filtering everything – sun, air, water – in perfect portions. The way they moved. The shelter. The rhythm. The whispering that never ended completely, but faded in and out, lulling her to sleep.

Her second memory was of boots. Black boots, large, laced up tight, thudding darkly on the earth, next to her head… Continue reading


In the Beginning

In the beginning, and this is something they don’t ever talk about, is that there are bubbles.

Like, so. The water is rumbling over the face of the deep or whatever, and what do you have to have beneath the water? The dirt. That’s right.

Because if you’re planet building, as you are, well, you have to have all the dirt you’ll need, right there. You don’t want… Continue reading



The tumor hung in his belly like an anvil.

A very small anvil. A round one. Maybe not an anvil, that was too heavy, it was more like a baseball, or an orange, one of the big, really juicy ones. Or it could be – yes, this was it – a cluster of grapes. The fat, globe-shaped kind, with the seeds. Big seeds. He never got them, because of… Continue reading