The nine stages of writing a thing

It seems that, with everything I write, I go through these stages. I can’t be alone in this.


Stage 1: There’s this phrase. This idea. This nugget or image that sparks it. Maybe it’s inspiration, a voice from beyond, a scene, a plot point, a thought or insight, a problem I’m working out, feelings to express. Who knows. It comes from a thousand places. Sometimes it comes… Continue reading

Simple simple simple

5 ways to do more of the work that matters most to you

1. Shorten transitions

Go straight to the next thing. Keep your momentum.

Transitions get hairy.

There’s nothing settled; everything is up in the air.

It’s wide open, and there are all sorts of options, and no direction, and chaos can erupt pretty fast.

We may know what we’re supposed to do next, or what would be best to do next, but in a transition… things get… Continue reading

Oh the humanity!

The inexplicable beauty of humanity! Or, 17 things I learned about people in 2017

1. You don’t need to have stuff in common – other than your shared humanity – in order to interact with people and (even) be friends with people.

Common background or common interests or a common belief system or any real basis of commonality.

Entirely optional.

It helps, with the friendship part, if you like each other. But it’s not required to like someone to have an interesting… Continue reading

Work or not work

What work really is, or 17 things I learned about productivity in 2017

1.  Workflow (as a defined process of tools and methods and routines) is different than work-flow or working in flow or flowing (as a state of mind in which work is focused, fluid, absorbing and fulfilling).

Workflow depends on a lot of things, like apps and your playlist and your tools and updates and wifi speed and battery life and deadlines and email dings and so on. Working in flow… Continue reading

The rules of creation

The Rules of Creation

1. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do.

Desire is the fuel of creativity. Fear is its nemesis.

The only reason you do things you don’t want to do is fear.

Fear stifles your mind. Anxiety stunts your ability to make connections. Connections are the core of creativity. You can’t connect what you can’t see. When you’re afraid, your vision is limited. All you see is what… Continue reading


Marketing experts I follow

I’m not in the marketing world as much anymore, but I have spent a good portion of my freelance career in marketing: B2B marketing, copy writing and editing, content strategy, so on.

What I’ve learned is that there are endless resources, blogs, sites, etc., giving endless amounts of information on marketing: what’s new, what’s best, what’s important, what’s trending, what’s working, what isn’t working.

You can easily spend… Continue reading