If your life has become a series of disappointing drudgery and negative experiences, stop and examine the common denominator.

It’s you.

Good news, though. It’s not the real you.

That’s the whole hope and point of this book. It’s not a hope, actually. Wrong word. It’s a reality. You don’t need hope. You need to remember. Who are you, already? Who have you always been?

It’s time to separate out what isn’t you, and get rid of it.

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Several years ago, I started searching for a website that offered a daily selection of readings from a variety of sacred texts and faith traditions.

I couldn’t find one. So I started making my own.

Each book in this collection contains 31 of those daily reading selections. Each day’s reading includes a selection from three different texts. The readings are short; each day’s set fits on one page (or almost).

If you want inspirational, sacred readings for your spiritual journey, this book is for you.
If you believe that spiritual truths can be found everywhere, this book is for you.

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No more excuses.

No more procrastinating.

Here’s everything you need to know to do more, hesitate less, stop planning and start achieving.

Contents include 12 chapters which cover everything from motivation to time management to focusing, real work, and beating procrastination. Each chapter (except the last) concludes with a challenge you can apply immediately to take action.

This book will help you move forward on those projects, challenges, or goals you’ve been thinking about.

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If you’re a freelancer, an entrepreneur in start-up stages, or a small business owner strapped for time, this book will help you.

You’ll find foundational principles, tips, and concepts that you can apply right away to build a small business blog that will help grow your business.

Authors include a professional writer Annie Mueller, Carlos Arnavat of StudioC5, and Adam and Matthew Toren, successful entrepreneurs and authors.

Get the essential information you need for starting a valuable small business blog. None of the fluff: only what matters so you can stay on track, build your blog and grow your business.

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