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Things I don’t miss, things I do

Hi again from Puerto Rico!

Power is back on in the central area of our town (not at our house), which means more businesses open and more places with wifi! That’s pretty exciting, although I’ve discovered something crazy….
Are you ready?
I don’t miss social media.
At all.
Not even a little.
And I don’t miss email at all.
And I don’t miss random, negative news stories.
And I… Continue reading

Peeking PastFoliage (2)

Puerto Rico Se Levanta, and a post-hurricane prayer for you


Today Joe and I are out searching for parts and wifi. We are doing well. I want to say a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to so many friends and family members, and friends of friends, who have sent us things – much needed and welcomed things, from a chain sharpener to tools and supplies to snacks and food – as well as so generously donating… Continue reading

Peeking PastFoliage (2)

Alive together: Life in a post-hurricane world

Hi friends and family.

So, there was a hurricane. You may have heard. A crazy powerful devastating hurricane that ripped through this island and tore people’s lives apart.

We are all okay. The home we rent was undamaged (amazingly) and kept us safe and (mostly) dry.

The kids got a 2-week vacation from school and had a great time playing and building a fort in the big… Continue reading


Why you (yes, you) need to be a better writer (and how to get started)

More people need more content for more reasons, and that means that people are doing more writing.

Part of me thinks that’s really cool, because words! are! great! and I like that more people are using them and (one hopes) appreciating them.

Part of me weeps softly in the corner over my thesaurus and a well-worn copy of The Little, Brown Handbook.

Somewhere between the hundredth listicle… Continue reading

Happiness is books

My reading workflow: Part 1, book recommendations

I am a fiend for book recommendations, especially if they come from people who (seem to) have similar reading taste to mine. Or from authors I follow. Or from friends whose insight and personality I like (and generally that’s all my friends, because kind of otherwise, why would we be friends? But anyway, that’s beside the point).

So I come across a lot of book recommendations on Twitter, and… Continue reading

The rules of creation

The Rules of Creation

1. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do.

Desire is the fuel of creativity. Fear is its nemesis.

The only reason you do things you don’t want to do is fear.

Fear stifles your mind. Anxiety stunts your ability to make connections. Connections are the core of creativity. You can’t connect what you can’t see. When you’re afraid, your vision is limited. All you see is what… Continue reading