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My name’s Annie Mueller, and I’m a writer.

Not an expert, not a guru, not a maven, specialist, word wizard, coach, counselor, pro, authority, mastermind, or the like. I’m not even a thought leader or a movement creator or a trend setter or social media anything.

I can’t fix your small business problems or advise you on major entrepreneurial moves.

I’m a writer.

I use words to connect, to teach, to get a message across, to open doors, to persuade.

Me, my husband, Joe, and our four kiddos. We're not very good at family photos.

Me, my husband, Joe, and our four kiddos. We’re not very good at family photos.

Perhaps your small business could use some of that?

It’s no secret that blogging & content creation are powerful tools for small businesses. That’s what I do. I work the words in a way that serves the small business community.

“Annie is my secret weapon when it comes to creative content. She’s well versed in a wide range of topics and communicates her knowledge flawlessly through written word. Her knowledge of SEO and writing for the web makes her a true asset that I am happy to work with time over. It also helps tremendously that she’s often early with completing projects. I would recommend her work over and over again.” – Tanner Hobin, President, Headway Marketing

I’ve been freelancing as a writer for almost a decade. I write for individual small business clients, for marketing firms, and for websites and blogs. You can see some of my clips here.

In my 9+ years of freelance writing, I’ve never had an unhappy client.

So how can I help you?

You might like Small Business Blogging 101; it’s a good place to start. You can also read more at my blog: Freakishly Productive.

I offer blogging and copywriting services, primarily for small business owners (you’re my fave!). You can read all about them or get in touch to learn more.

You can get on my monthly training newsletter list. I send out a newsletter about once a month. It’s a great resource with expert tips and training insights for how to use words to build your business. It’s also the best way to find out when I offer discounts on my writing or free ebooks and resources.

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Annie Mueller