The nonfiction course you’ve been dreaming of

Wait, you do dream about nonfiction writing courses, right?



Well, at any rate, I do. There are lots of writing courses out there. Most of them are for

  • fiction writing
  • how to get started freelancing
  • how to keep going in freelancing
  • how to get more gigs in freelancing
  • various secrets of success in freelancing
  • bits and bobs on the how-to of writing (better dialogue, better narrative arc, what’s a story, etc.)
  • how to write a specific type of thing (poems, creative nonfiction, memoir, business bestseller)

The course I wanted, really wanted, when I was a starting-out freelance writer, was simple: how to write more. How to write faster. How to set up a streamlined writing process. How to keep the words flowing. How to be prolific as a nonfiction writer.

Ideas? You’ve got those. Me too. No shortage of ideas.

Gigs? Clients? How to get those and have those has been covered, a thousand times. (Hint: it’s all the same process, mostly. Be persistent. Ask. Create your own leads. Pay attention. Be courteous. Keep trying.)

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of a nonfiction course for a while now.

I decided to do it. This course is not going to teach you how to write. It’s not going to tell you what to write. It’s not going to cover freelancing basics or getting work or managing finances or finding your niche.

It’s going to help you write more words, faster. And they’ll be good words. Quality equals quantity, in my experience. (We’ll talk about that, too.)

More information can be had right here. Oh, and please share with folks who might be interested.

Thanks, friends!