Once there lived a man who had a valley-full of needles. And one day the mother of Jesus came to him and said: “Friend, my son’s garment is torn and I must needs mend it before he goeth to the temple. Wouldst thou not give me a needle?”

And he gave her not a needle, but he gave her a learned discourse on Giving and Taking to carry to her son before he should go to the temple.

The Madman: His Parables and Poems by Kahlil Gibran


It may seem incredible but is nevertheless most true, that every single expression, every single idea, and every least of thought in an angelic spirit, is alive, containing in its minutest particulars an affection that proceeds from the Lord, who is life itself. And therefore whatsoever things are from the Lord, have life in them, because they contain faith toward Him, and are here signified by the “living soul.”

Arcana Coelestia by Emanuel Swedenborg

Your princess, the silencing princess, the true and great lady of heaven — when she talks heaven trembles, when she opens her mouth a storm thunders.


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February 8, 2017