“What Heaven-sent art has Ógun to undo
That deed, and bid the still-born live? Besides,
Who taught the peaceful peoples of the World
Their longing for red War? Who forged their weapons—
With steel Arámfè gave for harvesting?
Who slew young maids who would not wed to bear
p. 49 More sons for ancient wars? Who, pray, but Ógun,
The God of War? . . What then? ‘Tis said: ‘The field
The father sowed his son shall reap!'” And Ógun
Made answer: “The story of my life has been
As the succeeding seasons in the course
Where Óshun pours her stream.”

Myths of Ífè

Man has two faculties: will and understanding. When the understanding is governed by the will they together constitute one mind, and thus one life, for then what the man wills and does he also thinks and intends. But when the understanding is at variance with the will (as with those who say they have faith, and yet live in contradiction to faith), then the one mind is divided into two, one of which desires to exalt itself into heaven, while the other tends toward hell.

Arcana Coelestia by Emanuel Swedenborg

In the conflict fear is really nothing, and love is everything. This is because whenever light enters darkness, the darkness is abolished. What man believes is true for him.

Helen Schucman

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January 26, 2017