Back from the rebel town Great Mórimi
Rushed back, and cried: “The fire the vulture brought
Shall slay the hosts of Úbo!”
…when the festive season came, he hid
Them with red fire prepared within the city,
And, as the invading hosts of Úbo scaled
The walls, a rush of flaming boughs destroyed
Grass garments and rebellious men. Thus fell
Úbo before Orányan.
Time spared these deeds—

But gave to the impenetrable wilds
The place where Úbo stood, her rebel Gods,
Her rites.

Myths of Ífè

Book 2, XIII

Remember that all is but opinion and conceit, for those things are plain and apparent, which were spoken unto Monimus the Cynic; and as plain and apparent is the use that may be made of those things, if that which is true and serious in them, be received as well as that which is sweet and pleasing.

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

You are the work of God, and His work is wholly lovable and wholly loving. This is how a man must think of himself in his heart because this is what he is.

Helen Schucman

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January 21, 2017