But to these colonists the Gods, their Fathers,
Gave no good gifts: ‘midst battles with the Wild,
‘Mid struggles with the Forest the town grew-
While dull remembrance of unnatural wrongs
p. 41 Bred Man’s first rebel thought against the Gods;
And when the time of festival was near,
Word came to Ífè that the folk of Úbo
Would bring no gifts, nor worship at the feet
Of Ógun. But the King scorned them, laughing: “Who lights
His lamp between the leopard’s paws?”

Myths of Ífè

Book 2, X

It is the part of a man endowed with a good understanding faculty, to consider what they themselves are in very deed, from whose bare conceits and voices, honour and credit do proceed: as also what it is to die, and how if a man shall consider this by itself alone, to die, and separate from it in his mind all those things which with it usually represent themselves unto us, he can conceive of it no otherwise, than as of a work of nature, and he that fears any work of nature, is a very child. Now death, it is not only a work of nature, but also conducing to nature.

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

Lord of the Universe, Lord of our being,
Father eternal, ineffable Om!
Thou art the Seed and the Scythe of our harvests,
Thou art our Hands and our Heart and our Home.

Sarojini Naidu

# # # #

January 16, 2017