Then doubt
Seized Mórimi but still she answered; “Will Gods
Not give? Is the grim World a morning market
Where they drive bargains with the folk they made?
Are babes as bangles which Obálufon
Fashions to barter?” But Édi answered her:
“But once Arámfè spoke to Odudúwa,
And with what heavy hearts the Gods went forth
From Heaven’s valleys to the blackness! Now thrice,1
Thrice to the woman Mórimi the word
Has come—with promise of the World’s desire:
Not every wife is chosen for the mother
Of a house of kings. And think!—Obálufon!”
Then Édi, the Perverter, hid his form
In darkness; and with the dawn a young girl lay
On the Undoer Éshu’s altar—while
The lazy blue of early morning smoke
Crept up the pass between the hills.

Myths of Ífè

The man who is being regenerated is at first of such a quality that he supposes the good which he does, and the truth which he speaks, to be from himself, when in reality all good and all truth are from the Lord, so that whosoever supposes them to be from himself has not as yet the life of true faith, which nevertheless he may afterwards receive; for he cannot as yet believe that they are from the Lord, because he is only in a state of preparation for the reception of the life of faith.

This state is here represented by things inanimate, and the succeeding one of the life of faith, by animate things.

Arcana Coelestia by Emanuel Swedenborg

We must accept our mistakes. If we don’t, we’re lost, don’t you think?

Octavio Paz

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January 14, 2017