Silently in the night
Came Édi, the Perverter, the smooth of tongue,
Who with his guileful reasoning compels
To conscious sin: “The forms of messengers
Reveal the thoughts of Ífa, and the ears
Of Ífa, the God-Messenger, have heard
The far-off, thundrous voice. Would you hold back?
Is not the birth of Nations the first law
Arámfè gave? Can any wife withstand
His will, or maid stern Ógun’s call?1 To-day
Is yours, oh, mother of great kings that shall be:
The green shoots greet the Spring-rain and forget
The barren months, and Mórimi shall know
Her grief and her reproach no more.”

Myths of Ífè

It is also an arcanum of heaven, that man, by things of his own, as well by the fallacies of the senses as by cupidities, is led and bent by the Lord to things that are true and good, and thus that every movement and moment of regeneration, both in general and in particular, proceeds from evening to morning, thus from the external man to the internal, or from “earth” to “heaven.” Therefore the expanse, or internal man, is now called “heaven.”

Arcana Coelestia by Emanuel Swedenborg

Look round the habitable world, how few know their own good, or, knowing it, pursue!

Benjamin Franklin

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January 13, 2017