Dawn came; the storm
Was gone, and Old Arámfè in his grief
Departed on black clouds. But still the wrath,
But still the anger of his sons endured,
And in the dripping forests and the marshes
The rebel Gods fought on—while in the clouds
Afar Arámfè reasoned with himself:
“I spoke in thunders, and my deluge filled
The marshes that Ojúmu dried;—but still
They fight. Punish, I may—but what can I
Achieve? In Heaven omnipotent: but here—?
What means it? I cannot tell. . . In the Unknown,
Beyond the sky where I have set the Sun,
p. 31 Is He-Who-Speaks-Not: He knows all. Can this
Be Truth: Amidst the unnatural strife of brothers
The World was weaned: by strife must it endure—?”

Myths of Ífè

When separated from the internal man, the external man is the body, and is therefore dead; for it is the internal man that is alive and that causes the external man to be so, the internal man being the soul.

So is it with the Word, which, in respect to the letter alone, is like the body without the soul.

Arcana Coelestia by Emanuel Swedenborg

Every deep desire is a prayer. Every desire also contains a certain quantum of energy — energy to grasp the desired goal.

Eknath Easwaran

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January 8, 2017